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Peta & Jim


I’ve known Peta since high school, she is one of those friends you call family. Her brother was groomsman at my wedding and you’d be hard pressed to find more genuine people than Peta or Jim’s families.

She had been traveling the world as a wine maker and met Jim whilst working in California. They share in interest in good food, sustainability are one of the purest couples I’ve ever met. The wedding invites came with sunflower seeds to plant in September and their rings were made of recycled metals.

We all traveled from the Perth hills by coach down to the seaside for the ceremony at the Sundial in Cottesloe, Western Australia.

Back at home, the honest and heartfelt speeches had every guest in tears and the modesty of their wedding accentuated an intimacy that can be lost with larger celebrations. It was by far one of the most moving weddings I have been invited to photograph, it was life changing.

And in case you haven’t already guessed, the night drew to a close with barefoot dancing in the lounge room.

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